eLiberatica 2008

I’m back from Romania, where I had the pleasure of participating in the second annual eLiberatica conference, on open source, organized by Lucian Savluc, a fellow Vancouverite, with organizational support from ROSI, and with Zak’s assistance.

It was a lot of fun, as well as a highly energizing event (which is hard when the base condition is one of severe jetlag compounded by not enough sleep).

My slides are now available, although you don’t get to appreciate all of the fancy animations that Keynote does (note to the OpenOffice.org folks: make the animations really sexy, and I’ll switch. I’m a sucker for pizzazz.).

I have a bunch of thoughts that I want to blog as a result of my trip, but as usual, finding the time to organize them into a coherent post is the challenging bit.

Executive summary:

  • eLiberatica was great, look forward to seeing how it evolves
  • Traveling to foreign lands with hosts such as Lucian and his friends is definitely the way to travel
  • Travel and the subsequent impact on relationships is incredibly important to the long term success of open source, and of Mozilla. We have to make it easier, more decentralized, and less guilt-inducing
  • I want to travel more. I want to travel less.
  • Romania is changing incredibly fast. There are lots of opportunities, and decisions which will have significant impact are being made there every day
  • Zak’s network includes really interesting, thoughtful folks.
  • The world is incredibly small, and yet very big
  • If they’ll honest about it, everyone likes dancing to hits of the eighties.

Romania ahead

I’ll be heading out to Romania next week, to talk in Bucharest at eLiberatica about Mozilla and open source, and to learn about everything from open source in eastern Europe to food (always). I’ll also be visiting my grandfather’s hometown (Bra┼čov) for a bit of personal root-digging. Should be fun, especially if I get rid of this grogging (new word!) cold I’ve just picked up.

As a side note: it’s interesting to see that an open source conference is now sponsored by everyone from the FSF Europe to Microsoft. What is the world coming to?

Travel plans

I’ll be in the Bay Area starting this evening for less than 24 hours (assuming no delays =).

I’ll be there again Feb 4-8 for the CalConnect roundtable and other meetings.

I’ll be in SF/Berkeley Feb 19-24 (but missing FOSDEM!).

I’ll be heading to Hamburg, Germany sometime in April or thereabouts for the Calendar face-to-face meeting, with likely other European cities thrown in the mix.

Travel plans

My current plans have me in Berkeley next monday (oct 8th) morning, SF in the afternoon, and down in Silicon Valley Tuesday through Thursday (oct 11th). I suspect I’ll be mostly booked during the days, but if someone wants to meet for dinner, late drinks or breakfast (!), let me know.

In the Bay Area for 24 hours

I’m in the bay area for 24 hours, just long enough to meet the folks at mozilla headquarters, have a few meetings, and participate in what should be an interesting new experience: a live interview with Mitchell Baker and Asa Dotzler on Air Mozilla, mozilla’s internet video outlet. In the future, I’ll try and make my visits longer and mention them earlier, so that I can schedule a broader range of conversations, be they in offices, homes, or organic fair trade coffee shops! It’s clear from the state of my inboxen* and the comments on this blog and Mitchell’s that a lot of people have opinions and ideas to contribute, ranging from perspectives on the problems to possible solutions to possible business relationships to employment discussions. In the first few hours, I’ve heard from friends old and new from as far away from home as China, Singapore and even Redmond! This is going to be a fascinating adventure.

*: yes, that’s an old vax joke which the kids won’t get, but I’m tired and punchy, and I get to make 2 email jokes a month now.