Open source networked interactive whiteboards?

If you’ve never seen Johnny Lee’s videos explaining how he uses cheap Wii remotes to do amazing things, check out the TED video, or his home page.

Now after watching that video, I snuck into the ActiveState game room, and poked around with the wiimotes & projector there. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the wiimote project.

Now someone needs to hook that project up with some of the open source screen-sharing software, and all kinds of cool things could happen.

Speaking of which — any recommendations for inexpensive projectors (for presentations, not home theater stuff)?

Is it possible to ask Firefox about the current URL using AppleScript?

I’d like to make a quicksilver script to connect Pukka and Firefox. If anyone’s done it already, send it my way!

Alternatively, if I could just add a keyboard shortcut to the bookmarklet…

UPDATE: Justin Miller pointed me out-of-band to this page, which includes an applescript which can be configured with quicksilver to be hot-keyed. Unfortunately, that loses the title for the page, so while it is more keyboard-driven than the bookmarklet, the requirement to type in a title makes it not as convenient. Automation is hard!