Blog moved

after much procrastinating, I finally moved my blog.  Old URLs should still work, no feature changes are intended.  Please let me know if you notice anything askew!



  1. Come on. Compacting is dangerous the way you have it set up. I have all my email folders on auto compact and still a whole folder will be deleted and the folder itself disappears. I keep my folders clean. But today is the last straw – my whole folder of correspondence with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has been wiped out. Evey important email that I needed to keep is gone. This is inexcusable. There should be a better safeguard from allowing this to arbitrarily happen.

  2. Has Thunderbird change the structure of its e-mails? Since last week (5/25/2011) successive e-mails in a series are nested together. While that may have some advantages, it also creates serious problems.

    Can somebody from the T-Bird team explain?

  3. Yeah, I have one. Your browser, which I have been a big supporter of, crashed my computer. And it’s wroking on crashing my new computer. I am out over $300 because your plug-in container keeps running multiple instances of it (ten or fifteen of them at a time) I keep trying to report this, but your comments pages for doing so won;t let me. Who will help me, a poor disabled person that has lost all his data thanks to this?

  4. I keep getting an “annoying” “upgrade” page that I can’t make disapear; PLEASE tell me how to do so; the last time I upgraded, it caused greatr misery! There should be an easier way to eliminate this page for those who are equally frustrated; thanks.

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