Thunderbird Quality Project, one year in


Ludovic posted on QMO about the results after one year of Thunderbird bug days. The chart is impressive.

Sincere thanks to Gary, Wayne, Ludovic, and everyone else who jumps in to help.

In related news, apparently there’s a 2-for-1 sale on bug help. ;-)

2 thoughts on “Thunderbird Quality Project, one year in

  1. Ivan

    Type your commHello,
    Maybe I’m just a simple user and maybe this is not the best place for making complains but I must say that is starting to be extremely annoying the inability to forward e-mails that I receive from people who use different e-mail programs, such us Outlook.
    How come that all those new versions aren’t able to fix this?
    Ofcourse if there is a simple solution for this problem, I’m kindly asking you to provide me with one, and make my Thunderbird less annoying.

    Best regards,

    Ivanent here.

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