Forgot to mention that I’ll be in Berlin Friday, and Hamburg Saturday-Tuesday, for the Calendar project face-to-face, along with Dan Mosedale, Bryan Clark, Mark Banner, and a bunch of the Calendar contributors. It should be a great meeting where we iron out a lot of the roadmap for Lightning/Thunderbird collaboration and integration.

2 thoughts on “Berlin/Hamburg”

  1. Sorry to post off-topic here:

    i would like to drive your attention to an very important thing: Exchange compatibility. See page 16 of this SambaXP presentation at SambaXP2008:

    Welcome aboard Mozilla Thunderbird

    A word about Mozilla

    . Have been speaking with Mozilla Messaging
    . Very promising, centers on new Thunderbird infrastructure having pluggable protocols
    . We need to find a developer with strong Thunderbird knowledge

    Call for developers: we need you! Suggestions anyone?

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