Would Planet Thunderbird be useful?


Would readers of this blog be interested in a Planet Thunderbird aggregator that included all posts explicitly about Thunderbird, not just mine or those of Thunderbird engineers, but whatever other regular bloggers on the topic made sense? Or are all those readers already reading Planet Mozilla and happy to deal with that firehose?

20 thoughts on “Would Planet Thunderbird be useful?

  1. Depends what you mean by “regular bloggers”.

    I’m not really interested in reading random comments by people not involved in the development process. I’m keen to find out more about the direction Thunderbird is going, development issues, etc from the team responsible for it – idle speculation from random bloggers isn’t of much interest to me.

    A general aggregated blog site with all that sort of stuff though I would find pretty useful!

  2. not for me personally as I already follow Planet Mozilla, but I think it would be useful for others who are particularity interested in following Thunderbird development.

  3. Anonymous coward

    in my opinion there are not enough thunderbird news in the current planet and too many songbird and fullscreen addon news

  4. ovidiu

    I think that would help, especially if correctly promoted on Tb site for “if you wanna know what’s kooking ..” . So that one does not wonder around and get fragmented info.

  5. fabian grutschus

    No, please don’t make you’re own aggregator. When I read planet.mozilla.org I want to read anything related to Mozilla, that means Komodo, Songbird and OF CAUSE Thunderbird.

  6. Sebastian

    I think a planet Thunderbird would be cool, but watch out that only “interesting” blogs are part of it. What I dislike about most planet-aggregators is that very often, private posts are posted to the planet-aggregator, too.

    I think that the technical and organisational details about Thunderbird would be very interesting. Consider adding blogs of the developers of interesting extensions, too. (Like, the Sunbird/Lightning-developers, but also private extensions. I’m no TB-user, so I can’t really give better examples. ;))

  7. I’d probably enjoy p.t even though I’d keep reading p.m. It would make it less likely for me to miss something interesting in the greater Thunderbirdland area.

  8. Paul

    TB posts in pmo are hidden by the huge number of post every day. So yes, please, create a dedicated TB planet.

  9. This would be useful if it can be done in a way that provides some insight into the direction that Thunderbird is headed. We use Thunderbird as our standard email client and we need to be able to factor this kind of information into our strategic planning. Ideally, it will be done in a way that filters out “irrelevant” comments (difficult, I know). I’m in favor of more *information* and I’m willing to put up with a moderate amount of background noise to get it.

  10. A Reader

    Yes. Planet.mozilla.org is very firefoxy.

    We would benefit from an aggregated feed just for Mozilla Messaging. This is a great idea.

  11. I’d love to see all of T-bird posts in one area. There is a great future in separating Thunder Bird, etc. from the rest of Mozilla – just like Firefox is.

    Yes, it will be ‘painful’ in the short term, but by separating the posts a true T-bird community can continue to be born and hopefully grow.


  12. Steve

    I prefer to read Thunderbird-related news along with the rest of the Mozilla news at PMO. But as long as the creation of a Planet Thunderbird wouldn’t mean a reduction in Thunderbird news on PMO, I wouldn’t mind.

  13. James Napolitano

    Ideally, I’d like to see PMO offer multiple feeds, like one for Firefox, one for TB, one for Gecko, etc. or maybe just one for Developers. The PMO feed already has too much stuff in it, and it’s a pain to keep getting all this stuff like marketing, support, Songbird, etc. when all I care about is the developers’ blogs.

  14. Leni

    As someone interested in Thunderbird, I’d love to subscribe to a planet Thunderbird Feed. I’ve been reluctant to subscribe to the Planet Mozilla feed because of a perception I’d spend more time filtering than reading.

  15. El cameleon

    I’d like to see a planet Thunderbird. It is actually a pain to find news about Thunderbird lost into the planet Mozilla feed…

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