3 thoughts on “Email Visualizations”

  1. I was not impressed by “21 ways to visualize and explore your email inbox” maybe too complex and too IT oriented.
    But Xobni looks great. Maybe it is a marketing question and how product are presented but still Xobni seems better to me as low IT skilled guy.

    MIT Simile group seems terrific also
    Seek extension looks really cool.

    I know it’s not the right place to put this comment but I don’t know where else it should be:
    For Thunderbird 3, it would be nice to have full synchro (contact, calendar, mail) with Symbian v40 or 60.
    Nokia, using Symbian is cell phone world leader.
    Adding this feature to Thunderbird may drastically increase Thunderbird use.
    Same with Sony Ericson and Apple

    Great job with Mozilla Messaging
    Keep us updated on progress on your blog.

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