Is it possible to use the “direct GPRS” connection to talk to the net on

I’m trying to get the Gmail mobile app to work on my BenQ-Siemens EF81. I have a Fido account with a GPRS plan.

I can get to the web using the built-in browser by setting up a “Connectivity Profile” that points to, and creating a “Internet Profile” that specifies a proxy address of (from here). However, gmail doesn’t work then (gets stuck on “Loading…”).

I’m thinking it’s because I should be using a direct GPRS connection instead of WAP (whatever that means in practice), as Google suggests.

Any idea how to do so?

I hate technology that makes me feel stupid, and this phone UI, combined with the acronym soup that is telecom, makes me feel stupid.


  1. So….yes, you can use direct GPRS. Every phone model is different, however, and if you have a locked Fido handset, it may not be possible.

    If you bring it over, Roland and I can probably help config it. BBQ at 12:30 at Bryght today….

  2. Argh, I was already on my way to lunch when the post came in. I’ll find you some other time, thanks for the offer!

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