Is it possible to ask Firefox about the current URL using AppleScript?

I’d like to make a quicksilver script to connect Pukka and Firefox. If anyone’s done it already, send it my way!

Alternatively, if I could just add a keyboard shortcut to the bookmarklet…

UPDATE: Justin Miller pointed me out-of-band to this page, which includes an applescript which can be configured with quicksilver to be hot-keyed. Unfortunately, that loses the title for the page, so while it is more keyboard-driven than the bookmarklet, the requirement to type in a title makes it not as convenient. Automation is hard!

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  1. Keyconfig lets you configure keys in firefox.

    To get it to attach to a bookmarklet, you need to give it a keyword (its in the properties tag) and then use something like this in the action that is configured in Keyconfig:
    if(window.loadURI) loadURI(getShortcutOrURI(‘BOOKMARKLET_KEYWORD’,{}));

    Its not AppleScript, but it should get you in the right ballpark.

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