Two “new” kinds of blog spam: apologetic and plagiaristic

My blog spam problem has decreased since adding a captcha (i.e. “type this fuzzy text”). These two, however, showed up, which probably means they were entered by hand.

The first advises the reader to buy some drugs cheap, and then apologizes!.

The second is a clone of a previously approved comment on my blog, but using URLs to refer to another doubtful site.

Sign that once again, both brainpower and ethics are being wasted on a routine basis.

2 thoughts on “Two “new” kinds of blog spam: apologetic and plagiaristic”

  1. Did you miss gozer’s story about how some people work around captchas? It went something like this:

    1. software grabs the captcha image and displays it on some page with the text ‘free pr0n inside! type in the text in the image!’
    2. somone’s 14-yo kid surfs to the site, translates the captcha
    3. software grabs this text back and uses it to gain access.

    This was the kind of thing they had to combat at TM.

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